10 ‘must see’ attractions in San Francisco

#1: Golden Gate Bridge

There are many ways to see the Golden Gate Bridge. You can walk all the way along the Embarcadero, over Fort Mason for a view. You can visit Chrissy Field or Baker Beach for a closer view or walk over the bridge and take in the sites. My favorite is walking or cycling over from the Golden Gate visitor center.

#2: Painted Ladies

The park across the road has recently been renovated so you are once again able to get a great view of the Painted Ladies. Just note people live and own these houses. Don’t be one of those tourists to take pictures in the driveway or on their steps. I see tourists doing that all the time and it must be so annoying!

#3: Coit tower

One of the best, if not the best views of the city in the city. Try to go mid week when it’s less busy or even better during the winter months.

#4: Lombard Street

The most crooked street in the world is definitely worth a visit. If you have a car, driving is even better!

#5: Alcatraz

If you are planning a trip to San Francisco book your tickets way in advance. I went in 2008 and managed to get tickets easily however I’ve been told since living in the city that you need to plan in advance to ensure you get to see this spectacle.

#6: Fisherman’s Wharf

A very tourist focused area of San Francisco but there’s lots to see from the San Francisco Aquarium, Bubba Gump Shrimp, lots of crab restaurants and food outlets.

#7: AT&T Park- Giants Stadium

If you are visiting San Francisco around April-September generally you can get a ticket to a baseball game. Groupon and goldstar normally have discounted tickets so also check these sites. Great atmosphere and if you can afford it get club seats as these are the better ones.

#8: Clarion Alley

Great, generally political graffiti street art in the Mission. While you are there check out one of the numerous great eateries. Everything from the famous Mission burrito to craftsman and wolves bakery. There’s definitely something for everyone.

#9: Lands End

A labyrinth of walking trails along the coastline. Best on a sunny day free of fog so you can enjoy views of the Golden Gate.

#10: Ferry to Sausalito

Take a ferry from the Ferry Building over to Sausalito and grab an ice cream, take a wonder round the shops and even grab a bite to eat. Best part about the ferry is you can use your clipper transit card on this particular ferry as well!

One last tip. When you are in San Francisco, never call it San Fran EVER 😝

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