If you’ve got kids you need to go here solely for the kids club!

We’re just headed home after 10 days at the Iberostar Cancun. I have a 5 year old and 1.5 year old so trying to entertain them both simultaneously is an effort.

Kids club! What can I say, the ladies running the kids club (Paulina, Sehem, Koral & Nancy) are absolutely fantastic! They are so hard working and the kids absolutely love them! They are open 930-445 and can also take them to dinner and the show which can extend it to 930pm. My daughter loved it so much she was upset when she had to do anything else. They take them to the beach, pool, buffet for lunch and dinner, art and craft and even put on shows and play treasure hunts and discos. I cannot rave about these ladies enough! Thank you so much for making ours and my daughters holiday so much fun and relaxing!

Other than the kids club the staff are the most friendly we’ve ever had on a trip and we travel a lot. The cleaning ladies were so thoughtful with flowers daily and the restaurant and buffet staff were so happy and friendly it was so nice to be around.

We were in an ocean view room with balcony which was perfect for us, the balcony was big enough for night time when the kids were asleep. They have fridges in the room with soft drinks and beers, my favorite restaurant was the Japanese restaurant and steak house.

The pools are amazing and the kids pool with the pirate ship was perfect for kids. The pool bar is great however the last 2 days they were renovating.

They have a number of activities from shooting to volleyball, table tennis and yoga.

Overall the only thing that would be nice would be different options each day at the buffet. We were there 10 days so we felt like we ate similar things each day.

6 nights in Nashville: What’s in my bag?

I’m going to admit I’m an ‘over-packer’. I love to be ‘prepared’ for all occasions however we’ve just spent the past 7 weeks living out of 3 suitcases so I decided we were reducing to 1 backpack for our 6 night break in Nashville. The great thing about Nashville at this time of year is it’s hot, so I’ve managed to cut down on clothing just by having summer gear only.

Here’s whats in my bag for this trip;

Medicine bag: can’t leave home without this! From allergy tablets for my husband, to Imodium, the handy Advil and Tylenol for the kids and adults, I’m basically a walking pharmacy.

Toiletries: I got a great bag from Nordstrom which zips open and has pockets to put things in. This is a real space saver when you’ve got 4 people to pack for. Even has a pocket for makeup 😉 I generally have shampoo/ conditioner, toothpaste, makeup, floss, toothbrushes, jimmies electric shaver, razors, tampons, deodorant etc. In addition to the bag I have a tone of diapers and wipes in the front pocket of the pack.

Clothing: I’ve packed a few extra sets of clothes for the kids but jimmie and I have exactly 6 sets each. I rolled all the clothes up in batches within the pack, this way it saves space and is easier to pack. Best thing about a pack is there are compartments. I have the shoes in the bottom which is separated from the clothes. Toiletries and medicine bag up top and diapers in the front.

Sheet: for the pack and play

High chair: we have a material high chair that rolls up and loops over most chairs. Great for inside your hotel room when you need to feed your baby/ toddler.

Stroller: Can’t go wrong with a stroller when you’re in a hot busy place like Nashville. Generally we’d take an umbrella stroller however we have been traveling the past 7 weeks so didn’t have access to it. The baby jogger X3 is really handy however as our 4 year old can sit on the foot piece. 2 for 1 stroller right here!

Pack and play: just because we like to have consistency for Augustine when he’s traveling; same bed each night.

Car seats: both kids car seats come on our trips.You can get away without them in certain places but we know we will be using Uber a little during this trip and will need them for the reason.

That’s my bag. Not a lot but still has the essentials!

About Me

My name is Natalie and my passion (obsession) for travel began at 19 years of age. My first trip away without family to Sydney Australia gave me a taste of the world outside of Auckland New Zealand and the endless adventures that could be had.

Fast forward 15 years and I’ve just moved to Washington D.C with my husband Jimmie and our two kids, for yet another adventure in the US.

I am currently taking time off from work to enjoy the summer and set up our new base, however to keep my mind in the game and pass on my handy travel tips I am starting this blog.

Hopefully this blog will inspire other Mums out there to travel more and how to make life easier when traveling with kids, especially toddlers.